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About Us

Our experiences...

... based on our experiences in different PMOs (project management offices) of multinational companies
and based on our well-founded scientific research about communication and collaboration,
we decided to build products that support the work of virtual teams better
than those which are available at the market today.

... work in a virtual team is different.
Motivation, collaboration, communication do not function the same way as in co-located teams
- and thus, other management-concepts based on other models are necessary.

... our world innovation of computer-guided communication, the "C-Flags",
as well as adaptations from well-known concepts
into the virtual collaboration environment form our core competencies.

Using our solutions will transform your enterprise into an agile project-organized corporation.
Incremental, with every new project one step further...

Corporate Social Responsibility

how WE make the world a better place...

    Being aware of the potent effects induced by our disruptive technologies of advanced collaboration,
we want to sketch out some consequences of the evolutions C-CYBERNETICS is a driving part of.
Enabling the locally distributed teamwork within virtual project rooms will result in:

  • less pollution (less commuting & less flights, fewer office-buildings)
  • social advancement for the people outside the booming-regions of the world / access to the job market regardless of the worker's location
  • more options to assign work with workers will lead to a better fitting, and thus to more flow-experiences during work.

  • our technology is helping to bridge the gaps...
       ... of space, time, cultures & individuals.

    C-CYBERNETICS is in the noble position to deliver social value as a by-product.

    Investor relations

    businessplan-data & calculation tables for our investors...

    ... are no longer available.

    we're up and running - no external investments needed.

    However, if you discovered a business-opportunity with a promising win-win-situation:
    do not hesitate, we are always open to new ideas!

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